All powers of maintaining discipline are vested with the Principal and his decisions shall be final in all such matters. The students are bound by all the rules and regulations  
made by the college from time to time. Any matter not expressly provided for in these rules shall vest at the absolute discretion of the Principal who also reserves the right of  
modifying these, as and when felt necessary. Guardians are also presumed to have agreed to these rules when their wards join the college.
All the departments of the college (including library) will function according to rules made by the Principal on that behalf from time to time.
Students must observe silence in the college premises. They must not loiter in passage and corridors after the classes have started. Absolute silence must be preserved in  
the library as well as in the class-rooms.
Students must be punctual in attendance and must be on their seats at the commencement of lectures.
No Society or Association of the students will be started without the permission of the principal. The societies and associations shall be subject to such guidance and  
control as the college administration may prescribe from time to time.
All notices desired to be pasted or circulated by the students anywhere in the college premises shall require the approval of the Principal.
No person shall be invited to address or entertain the college without the previous permission of the Principal.
Subject for debate or items of entertainment by the students in the college shall first be approved by the Principal. A responsible person .approved or nominated by the  
Principal shall be in the chair at all college debates and social functions.
To safeguard its ideal of good character and modest personal behaviour, the college reserves the right to expel any student at any time for any reason deemed by the  
Principal as misbehaviour in the campus of the institution.
The Principal reserves the right to remove from the rolls the name of any student for failure to pay the institute's dues in time.
Any one found indulging in ragging in any form within or outside the college shall be instantly expelled from the college.
Students are required to show due regard for rights and properties of the institute. Any student found guilty of tampering/damaging the property like fixtures, equipment’s,  
furniture’s, books, buildings etc. of the college shall be punishable and may be liable to expulsion from the college.

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