Master in Commerce Course Structure

1st Semester:
Common to all
1.1 Business Policy analysis
1.2 Financial analysis.
1.3 Marketing Policy analysis
1.4 Business Statistics
1.5 Financial Markets

2nd Semester:
Common to all
2.6 Economic Legislations
2.7 Organisational Behaviour
2.8 Operations Research and Computer in Business
Specialisation: Group-A: Accounting & Finance

2.9 A: Financial Management and Control
2.10 A: Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
Secialisation: Group-B: Management & Marketing

2.9 B: Human Resource Planning & Management
2.10 B: Marketing Research & Consumer Behaviour
3rd Semester:
Common to all
3.11 Research Methodology
Specialisation: Group-A: Accounting & Finance

3.12 A: International Financial Management
3.13 A: Advanced Cost and Management Accounting
Specialisation: Group-B: Management & Marketing

3.12 B: Industrial Relations & Labour Laws
3.13 B: International Marketing

4th Semester Common to all
4.14 Strategic Management
Electives       (4 papers are to be selected: 100X 4=400)
4.15 Marketing of Services
4.16 Tax Planning
4.17 Project Management
4.18 Financial Services
4.19 Supply Chain Management
4.20 Basics of Micro Finance
4.21 International Business
4.22 Enterpreneurship Management
4.23 E-Commerce
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