Principal's Speak
Human being with multifacet dimention needs scientific as well as psychological care so that every resource can be utilized for the welfare of the society as well as for the individual necessity. Global think tank of 21 st century has capitalized the whole resources of the world and the whole educative process involve in the proper capitalization process for the global upliftment.
It is indeed a proud moment for all of us to welcome you to Nagaon G.N.D.G. Commerce College which is the only Commerce College in entire part of the Middle Assam. We are happy that you have selected our college for your higher education in this juncture of globalization . We will be happy if we can make you efficient in all aspects of professional knowledge and instil in you a passion for achievement and also help you to cultivate a socially desirable outlook . Definitely it is our sincere endeavour to build in our student an analytical mind set, in depth professional knowledge, a passion for achievement and a socially desirable outlook . Nagaon G.N.D.G. Commerce College is a growing college with its commitment to the society specially for commerce education. The continued commitment and professionalism of the entire staff, both teaching and non-teaching, have allowed the college in the true sense since its inception to cope with the ever changing demands of higher education.
Dr. Siba Ranjan Mahanta

Nagaon GNDG Commerce College
Nagaon- 782001
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