B.Com. Semester Courses

Major Courses are in the subject of Accountancy, Management and Finance. The course comprise of 3 academic year and consist of 2 semester in each academic year.

Under Graduate Course Combination of Subject in Degree Semester Course

General Papers
1st Semester 101 Business Mathmetics / Fundamentals of Insurance (Business Mathematics Compulsory for major)
2nd Semester 201 Communicative and Financial English-I
Functional MIL-I
3rd Semester 301 Environmantel Studies
302 Communicative and Functional English II / Functional MIL - II
4th Semester 401 Business Economics
5th Semester 501 Business Environment
6th Semester 601 Information Technology in Business
Core Papers
1st Semester 102 Financial Accounting-I
103 Business Organisation & Entrepreneurship Development
104 Indian Financial System
2nd Semester 202 Financial Accounting-II
203 Principals of Management
204 Business Statistics
3rd Semester 303 orporate Accounting
304 Direct Taxes
305 Corporate Law
4th Semester 402 Auditing & Assurance
403 Indirect Taxes
404 Financial Services
5th Semester 502 Marketing management
503 Financial Management
Ragulatory Framework of Business-I
6th Semester 602 Marketing of Service
603 Modern Banking Practices
604 Ragulatory Framework of Business-II
Specialised Papers (Major in anyone)
1st Semester 105 Cost Accounting (Accy)
105 Human Resource Management(Mgt)
105 Rural & Micro Finance (Fin)
2nd Semester 205 Management Accounting (Accy)
205 Human Resource Planning & Development (mgt)
Micro Credit Institutions(Fin)
3rd Semester 306 Advanced Corporate Accounting (Accy)
306 Industrial Relation & Labour Laws(mgt)
Financial Institutions & Markets (Fin)
4th Semester 405 Advanced Financial Accounting (Accy)
405 Cost & Management Accounting(Mgt)
405 International Banking(Fin)
5th Semester 505 Financial Statement Analysis(Accy)
505 Customer Relations & Retail Trade Management(Mgt)
505 International Trade(Fin)
6th Semester 605 Project Report (in any topic of commerce, economics, business, Industry or services sector)
Common for all major students.


There is a major in Accountancy = 50, Finance = 50 and Management = 50. Major will be given at the time of admission. There will be three option 1st Preference | 2nd Preference | 3rd Preference
As per the major seats in different subjects are concrned it will be filled with preference basis. If the seats of a particular subjet is completed or otherwise, if there is vacancy then major seats will be filled from the 2nd or 3rd preference basis. No major will be given after the admission. There will be no major selection test.
BBA Course: Course compromises of 3 academic years and each academic year consists of 2 semesters. Each semester shall approximately consist pf 19 weeks of teaching.
BBA Fees Structure: Admission fees- Rs. 14000/- per semester. Duration of the semester period: 1st, 3rd & 5th Semester - July to December
2nd. 4th & 6th semester - january to June


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