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Mini Auditorium

To facilitate the process of learning the college has this classroom which is also used as mini auditorium when requires. It is equipped with LED Smart TV for delivering lectures and other presentation.
Funded by-RUSA 2.0, Govt. of Assam.

Indoor Stadium

This Indoor stadium provides students a scope to nurture their inner talents in the field of different co-curricular activities.
Funded by-UGC


In order to suit the special needs of different-abled (PWD) persons the college has created special facilities like ramps, rails and special toilets.
Funded by-Nagaon G.N.D.G. Commerce College.

Drinking Water

The college provides pure and cold drinking water facilities to both the students and staff members of the college. The college has water cooler and Aqua Guard with RO facilities in different floors of the college
Funded by-Lions Club of Nowgong & Nagaon G.N.D.G. Commerce College.


In order to reduce vandalism and other criminal activities the college installed CCTV cameras in different locations.
Funded by-Nagaon G.N.D.G. Commerce College.

Girls Hostel (Magheswari Deka Raja Girls Hostel)

The college has a Girls Hostel with 41 nos. Capacity. It has been named as Magheswari Deka Raja Girls Hostel. It has all necessary facilities for boarding.
Funded by-UGC


Keeping in view the fitness aspects of the students of the college, a well equipped multi-gymnasium is set up in the college under RUSA 2.0.
Funded by-UGC & RUSA 2.0, Govt. of Assam.

Digital Conference Hall

The college has constructed a digital classroom cum seminar hall in order to make teaching learning more attractive and effective.
Funded by-RUSA 2.0, Govt. of Assam.

Computer Laboratory

The college has established a well equipped computer laboratory with LAN and internet services through wireless connectivity. It can accommodate 40 students at a time.
Funded by-RUSA 2.0, Govt. of Assam.

Basket Ball Field

The college has basket ball ground where students play the game in between classes. It helps to keep the enthusiasm and interest of students alive in the field of sport.
Funded by-UGC


A canteen is very much essential for college for providing quality food to the college community at the minimum reasonable price. Emphasing upon this the college has constructed a new two storied canteen under RUSA 2.0. However the project is not yet completed.
Funded by-RUSA 2.0 Govt. of Assam.

ICT Classroom

The present era is the age of information and communication technology. Recognizing this fact Nagaon GNDG Commerce College has adopted the ICT bassed teaching learning system by using Laptop, projector, Smart TV etc. The college has 6 (Six) such ICT enabled classroom.
Funded by-Nagaon G.N.D.G. Commerce College

Digital Classroom/ Seminar Room

The digital classroom is a “technology-enabled” learning environment. This room has a Laptop and Smart TV, internet connectivity through which a teacher can provide the latest information and reference to the students.
Funded by-Nagaon G.N.D.G. Commerce College

Digital Generator

Digital Generator set for quick backup of the power supply system.
Funded by-Nagaon G.N.D.G. Commerce College

Solar power

The College has installed a solar power plant in order to facilitate uninterrupted power supply throughout the campus.
Funded by-APDCL

Yoga Cell

Nagaon G.N.D.G. Commerce has a Yoga Cell formed under the support of NSS unit Nagaon. The Yoga cell highlights its activities mainly in the area of students’ as well as employees overall health and fitness. The Cell has organized various programs in this context in the year 2021-2022 & 2022-23.

3 months certificate course on YOGA
Mr. Krishna Kamal Das, Assistant Professor in Commerce (PG)
Funded by-Nagaon G.N.D.G. Commerce College

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